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Baby's Heartbeat Plush Animals

Baby’s Heartbeat Plush Animals is the perfect keepsake gift for any expecting mother. Baby Heartbeat Bear or any Plush Animals, comes with a heart shaped recorder to captures your baby's heartbeat during an ultrasound, and keeps it safe in one of our adorable plush animals.

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Fetal heartbeat can be recorded in our Beautiful Heart Shape Recorder. Take these during your Ultrasound appointment and a technician will record your baby's heartbeat on the recorder. Most family has a stuffed/plush animal for their Children or their self or even other special occasions, but you can have a unique soft & adorable plush animal with your baby's heartbeat or message for any occasions! For example, husband’s or wife’s heartbeat or message to each other on Birthday’s, Valentine, Christmas or any occasions. These Plush Animals is the perfect gift for any family.