How to record my baby's heartbeat?

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When you listen to your baby’s heartbeat either through a doppler or the ultrasound machine, you simply switch the button on your module to record. You will then press and hold the module to record the sound. Once completed, turn the switch back to play.

Where can I record my baby's heartbeat?

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You can record your baby’s heartbeat either at your doctor’s appointment or your ultrasound appointment.

What is the length of the recording?

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The module will record upto 20 seconds of sound.

Is the recorder only for baby's heartbeat?

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No, you can record any sound upto 20 seconds. It can be used for baby’s first words, happy birthday messages, get well soon messages. The list can go on and on.

How to replace my heartbeat plush toy's battery?

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The battery is located at the back of the heart shaped module. You will need one fiat head screwdriver to open the back. Take the old battery out and replace with the new. Tighten the back and you are all set. Batteries used are the LR44 batteries.

Will I loose my baby's heartbeat sound when I change the battery?

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Your baby’s heartbeat are stored forever. Once you change the batteries, your baby’s heartbeat will still be there. However, it is always recommended to backup the sound onto another device just in case.

How to care for my heartbeat plush toy?

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Our plush animals are only suitable for surface washing by hand and should never be washed in a washing machine. Follow these tips below to have your plush animal looking clean and new in no time.

1. If your animal houses a Heartbeat Sound Module, then this should be removed and placed somewhere safe while you wash and dry your bear.

2. Using a sponge or cloth, take some warm soapy water, ( recommend using a good quality soap designed for babies) and gently rub the water onto the outside of the plush animal. Try not to immerse the whole plush animal into the water as this will take a lot longer to dry.

3. Using pure water and a new sponge or cloth, clean the heartbeat plush toy once more paying attention to remove as much of the soap as possible (clean until the bubbles stop forming). Remove any of the excess water.

4. Sit your heartbeat plush animal somewhere safe and let it completely dry. Try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight or in places that have too much heat. Once dry, fluff with your hands until it starts to look like your original plush. Then, return the Heartbeat Sound Recorder to your plush animal.