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First Movement, First Kick, First Time You Hear Baby's Heartbeat...

7 April 2021

First you feel that momentous first movement and immediately question it – was it baby’s first kick and did I really feel something? Then you reflect on how it felt because you may not feel that little kick again for a while. Some mums-to-be describe that first flutter variously as butterfly wings, flapping, gas bubbles, growling stomach, twitches or even little fishes swimming. You won’t feel it consistently until baby gets bigger packing a more powerful punch so it’s not until the third trimester that you have to keep a daily count of baby’s kicks.

That second precious moment is hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Detecting a foetal heartbeat is very difficult, if not impossible for the human ear but some expectant mums claim they can hear their baby’s heartbeat through their tummy later in the pregnancy during their second or third trimester. Otherwise you should hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time at your dating scan which usually happens between 8-14 weeks when baby’s heartbeat is beating between 110 times and 160 times a minute, twice as fast as an adult heartbeat.