Keep that sound Forever

Hearing your baby's heartbeats for the very first time is true happiness. Save that sound and cherish it for years to come.

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Your Baby's Heartbeat is Priceless.

Most memorable ocassion.

The moment when expecting parents encounter that sound; becomes the first and most real connection they feel to their baby. Our baby's heartbeat plush animals give you the opportunity to capture that magical sound at that very moment.

These fluffy heartbeat plush animals make the perfect gift for not only yourself but the grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles which can be given at pregnancy announcement dinners, baby showers or gender reveal parties.

Capture The Beautiful Sound Of Your Family!

Yes, these are memories that will last forever and you will cherish every moment in the future when you listen to them from one of these Soft and Adorable Plush Animals! Fetal Heartbeat, Newborn's first Cry, Baby's first words, Baby's first Birthday music, Grandparents' message to grand baby and much much more!

Fetal heartbeat can be recorded in our Beautiful Heart Shape recorder at your *regular Ultrasound session or you can have them recorded at your 3D Ultrasound which can be purchased at your local 3D Ultrasound Studio.

*Confirm with your ultrasound technician first, it's a 20s job and most tech won't mind.

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